I am Asha Mone'. I'm a Designer working on my Debut collection. In the mean time I dabble in Photography.
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Day 13/100: Prioritizing

“The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.”  - Salvador Dalí

Fame because of your “image” versus notoriety for your hard work and talents; which do you want?

Personally, I like to stay in the background.                                               I control my own “airtime.” I am seen as much as I want to be seen, when I want to be seen, how I want to be seen. I am comfortable putting in the long hours that make you look over and over again. What I don’t want is to jump on some reality show bandwagon that has everyone loving my artistic visions for 15 mins and then when the time is up, I fizzle out into the stratosphere. I think that reality show startup is a recipe for disaster.

I want to be able to say I built myself  from the ground up. These dark circles and battle scars will be well worth it at the end of the day.

Staying true to myself, my brand, and my beliefs is my number 1 priority.

Asha Mone

(August 27th,2014)

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"Fuck’em All, Fuck’em All, Fuck’em All. Don’t listen them haters, Fuck’em All, Fuck’em All. When I’m on Imma Ball, Imma Ball. Only thing up on my mind is kill’em all kill’em all. “

Day 12/100: Dreaming

The only thing holding us back is us.

If you can’t believe in your own thoughts, what do you believe in?

You are your own best friend and you have a dream. It’s up to you to make it happen. No one else. Sometimes we have to step back, re-group, edit and simplify, and go after what we want. That’s the only way it will get done.

If there are a bunch of people in your ear telling you that you can’t do it, think like this: 


It’s your life. You have to live it. Not them.

Asha Mone                                                                                            (August 25th,2014)

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"What you want? What you need?                                             What you got? Easy for me.”

Day 11/100: The Legacy that is Streetwear

 Fashion has come a long way from its Chanel tweed jacket and original red bottom heels.

Quality isn’t exactly a part of todays "fashionista" criteria.
Recently, streetwear has become a “ globally marketable franchise” that is geared towards trends and celebrities rather than the street itself.
As a fashion designer who’s main inspiration comes from streetwear, in its classic sense, it saddens me to watch what it has become.

Yesterdays “streetwear expo,” in la, included no more than:

  • All Black and White surplus garments
  • Script and Block letters
  • Bandana prints and quick one word graphics

To that I ask: Who named Los Angeles and its very own Fairfax Ave., the streetwear capital of the world?

I think the days of LRG, BAPE, Rocawear, etc. being heavy hitters are forgotten. All the ground work these brands and the designers behind them left has since been demolished. The want to have quality over quantity has been replaced with watching who can get to the print shops fastest. What streetwear has become is what they are wearing and not what you are wearing. The originality of urban style has become something of the past.

Its Almost Forgotten.

Is there a way we can get it back?

Asha Mone

(August 24th, 2014)