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Day 1/100: The Dreamers vs The Doers

" Dreams aren’t for everyone. They aren’t for everyone to follow."

The more I grow aware of my surroundings and the people I interact with, I realize there is a lot of lost talent in the world because people are so caught up in the clouds. To be a dreamer is a wonderful thing, but to actually accomplish these thoughts, damn, that is a blessing. You can’t think that sitting on your ideas will hold your place the world forever. For all you know, there might be someone ”better" than you waiting around for your moment.  They are watching you "chill" and get comfortable in the space you are in. As you sit waiting for the universe to show you a sign, the universe is changing. Life doesn’t revolve around you. The longer you take creating these fantasies in the stratosphere, the more you forget what you actually wanted in the firs place.

Maybe that’s why we can barely remember what we dreamed of in the mornings.

Don’t let your fantasies step in the way of your talent. You will regret it.  

And remember…

"Either you are a dreamer with your head in the clouds or a doer with your feet on the ground."

- Asha Mone

(July 21,2014)